Even as a 9-10 yr old, it was a common sight for me to be pouring over a large, manilla drawing pad, filling it with sketch upon sketch of figures-large, small and otherwise. When the hands became a challenge, I gracefully tucked them away in a side pocket or folded them behind a back. Now, the figures still abound, hands clearly in view revealing a myriad of gestures of emotion. My paintings mirror the journey of relationships in day to day life. The figures whom I portray show the joy of connection, the navigation of connection, as a well as the longing for connection. Each painting is layered with its own history. There may be several lifetimes of color, shape and emotion, everchanging and evolving, before the final image is evident. My paintings are often met with pause and intrigue. A frequent description of the viewer’s impression of the images that I create is couched in the word “provocative”. The mystery suggested within the figure and gestures is an invitation for contemplation andwonder, for recognition and commonality.