I may be an archaeologist at heart. I love layers and strata that evoke history and transition. I’m interested in what’s underneath the surface of things, whether archaeological remnants or the hidden layers of complexity found in people. Creating intuitive abstracts with oil and cold wax also uncovers my emotions as I take a journey into a new place without a map. Whatever is going on inside me is sure to become visible in my work. The layers, colors, and textures of a piece contain my history and my dreams. My wish is to connect with the viewer of my work, sharing what is unsayable.

In addition to working on wood panels, I work on Arches Oil Paper. I create multiple layers of texture with palette knives, rubber squeegees, and a variety of household tools such as basting brushes, rubber jar openers, plastic combs, pastry blenders. and coffee sleeves.I build up many layers, incise, scribble, and scrape back, allowing each piece to tell its own story.

Art was my first love. As a young child, I pored over my grandmother's books filled with art prints. My early exposure to art taught me to see breathtaking richness in ordinary things. At age four, I won a prize in the local children's parade for my tricycle float, which was decorated with my drawings. In elementary school, teachers praised the personality they saw in my work. I executed many commissions for my elementary school peers, earning censure from my third-grade teacher for "drawing all the time." I gradually moved away from making visual art and acting became my passion. It wasn’t until over 20 years ago that I realized I wanted and needed to paint, following a life-changing trip to Italy. I haven’t stopped making art since. I also discovered the joy of encouraging and teaching others to discover or rekindle their creative passions.

I offer art workshops, at my studio, national venues, Italy, and France. I’m the author of the books, Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop and, Wabi-Sabi Painting with Cold Wax, published by North Light.